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Strategic Account Planning
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To succeed, it is a given that, to be effective, salespeople need to embrace the art of negotiation and influence.

However, until now there have been few statistically sound studies that demonstrate the impact of or correlation between sales negotiation skills and sales account performance.

Read Enhancing Account Performance Through Negotiation Skills to find out:

  • The research results of a recent sales study that assessed sales negotiation competencies to revenue and margin.

  • Best practice sales performance metrics used to measure the impact of various negotiation skills

  • The sales negotiation skills with the greatest positive impact on sales account revenue and relationships

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Strategic Sales Account Planning
Featured Workshops

Major Sales Account Planning and Sales Strategy Training

The Major Sales Account Planning and Sales Strategy workshop is an intensive process, not a one time training event.

Sales professionals and sales teams prepare a strategic account plan for key current accounts to better influence, cross-sell, up-sell, inhibit competition, and drive business results.

Done right, strategic sales account planning creates key account revenue growth, builds a protective beachhead, develops stronger  client relationships, increases your influence, and aligns internal and external stakeholders.

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Sales Territory Planning and Management

Sales Territory Planning & Management Training

Sales Territory Planning and Management Training provides the proven methodologies, strategies, and competencies required to get the most out of your sales territories by working smarter, not harder.

The proven program uses live sales territories and accounts so that participants can get real work done and focus on actual sales territory analysis, planning, competitive strategies, forecasting, and market alignment to create an effective and practical sales territory plan.

To ensure the transfer-of-training, sales territory managers and teams utilize coaching, practice, and plan reviews.

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Sales Compensation, Design, Planning and Consulting

Sales Compensation Design, Planning, and Consulting

Total sales compensation programs that reflect the strategic goals of the employer and the varying needs of its sales force are an integral part of hitting sales targets.

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Strategic Account Planning
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